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Aisha Bade - Chairperson of TAWLA


Editorial Letter from the Chairperson

December Newsletter

Welcome to the final edition of Newsletter for 2015. This has been a very fruitful year for TAWLA having celebrated her 25 years of existence and it is therefore a great time to collectively celebrate our achievements. We are looking forward to what promises to be a really exciting 2016.

As we are all aware, Tanzania held its fifth general elections in October 2015. I would like to congratulate citizens for maintaining peace and harmony during and after elections and also for their active participation during the campaign period and taking part in the voting.

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate our members who have been elected and appointed on different positions. It is good to see them being given an opportunity to serve the country and it is a great achievement for the women of Tanzania and a progressive step towards gender equality.” These appointments are certainly a gain for the women rights movement which has always longed for representation of women in the public sphere especially in influential decision making positions.

 I believe the 5th government will create further enabling environment for the full realisation of women’s rights in the country by respecting more the opportunities for women to serve. This is possible by especially being particularly conscious of the need to create gender balance, and working towards promoting women rights by implementing and ratifying policies and laws. We want to see more of the glass ceilings being broken in the next phase of government, as women's rights are everyone’s rights.  


Happy Holidays and Enjoy reading!

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August Newsletter

"I want to remind all of us that we will be participating in the upcoming 5th General Elections of the country hoping that the Tanzanians will choose leaders who are going to support, protect and promote women’s rights in Tanzania.

I call upon citizens to choose a leader who will create an enabling environment for the full realization of women’s rights in the United Republic of Tanzania. Leaders who will not only highlight gender issues in the country, but also work to respect and promote women’s rights by implementing and ratifying policies and laws.

As drastic changes have to be made both from the governmental levels down to the society as a whole, women can no longer dismiss their responsibility in being the main agents of change of their own condition. Women should be the gatekeepers and decision makers for their matters. Thus I urge women to take action by carefully voting for a gender sensitive leader for their future. This will enhance women’s well being as well as give them a stronger say in decision making.

Let me finish by challenging us all to take part in this historical event and advocate for peacefully elections."

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 TAWLA 25TH Anniversary Newsletter

"I take this moment to reflect on our silver jubilee and extend my warm and sincere gratitude to all of our members and supporters for your immense support during our 25 years anniversary. We take pride in being part of an association whose work is anchored on trust, cooperation and support which translates into the rights of Tanzanian women being promoted and safeguarded. TAWLA recently launched her new Strategic Plan which stipulates our strategic direction from 2015 to 2020. I therefore call upon members to continue extending their support and cooperation as we venture into a different phase of implementing our new strategic plan. TAWLA needs your voice and your support!

Let’s take this unique chance! Enjoy reading!

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"I wish to remind us all of our core area of work: Providing free legal aid services to women and children. As you are aware, we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary on the 30th May. I would like to encourage you to volunteer participating in different activities scheduled from 10th to 30th May 2015. We intend to conduct mobile legal aid in nine regions of Tanzania; rally, Annual General Meeting for members and Dinner event. Be part of our success! The second big topic moving our society is the draft Constitution. As time goes by very quickly, we are mindful of the challenges presented by the law that is supposed to guide the processes towards the draft Constitution of Tanzania and intend to engage the relevant institutions. These are exciting but also challenging times - so much that we should hold firm to our position while keeping our hearts and eyes open, as together we stand for the referendum which now has been given more time for Tanzanians to read and understand the content better. TAWLA needs your voice and your support!

Enjoy reading!

 “Gender based violence is still a reality in the country and to other parts of the world. It is to a large extent attributed to gender inequality in which much of the violence is rooted.
Its occurrence and presence is influenced by many factors; all of which are society based.
This reality makes it quite complex; the cultural norms causing it differ from one society or community to another.
These complications regarding GBV are reflected in Tanzania’s current legal, policy and institutional frameworks, for example the age of marriage for the girl child.”
There is a need of human rights activist to join hands and helping women and girls to understand their rights and call upon government to establish proper systems of helping out this group through establishment of rules and regulations.


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