Frequently Asked Questions

What is TAWLA?

TAWLA is a women lawyers association which provides legal services to women, campaigns for women and children's human rights, advocates for good governance, and creates forums for women lawyers to build their professional capabilities in the hopes of ensuring greater representation for women in government. The Tanzanian Women Lawyer’s Association (TAWLA) is an Association founded in 1989 by a group of professional women lawyers. The founders felt that there was a need for an organization that could promote equal rights by focusing on vulnerable and marginalized groups, specifically women and children. They also recognized the need for women lawyers to foster mutual support for each other in their professional careers to strengthen representation for women in society.

If TAWLA does not deal with criminal cases, how does it help victims of such offenses?

TAWLA offers advice as to the procedure of such cases, and refers the victims to gender desks in different police stations where they can report their cases and get help.

Does TAWLA help men who are victims of human rights abuse?

TAWLA mostly focuses on women and children's rights but helps men by offering legal and other advice to them, and referring them to other organizations which may offer them any further assistance.

What is TAWLA and what exactly does it do?

TAWLA is an association whose aim is to promote equal rights by focusing on vulnerable and marginalized groups, especially women and children.

At TAWLA we:

  • Provide legal aid services to vulnerable women and children
  • Undertake policy research and advocacy for legal reform
  • Campaign for women and children on issues of equality and human rights
  • Educate the public by raising awareness on gender and legal rights issues through the media, seminars, publications, drama etc.
  • Support the professional development of women lawyers in Tanzania.

Why does TAWLA only provide legal aid for women?

Since TAWLA is a woman Lawyers Association we focus on women’s and children’s rights but if men seek our advice we help him and provide the contact detail to his representation. Women who seek our help for matrimonial issues will also be consulted together with their husband if necessary – our goal is to find the best and fairest solution for everybody

Does TAWLA provide legal aid?

TAWLA provides legal aid to women and children in our Dar es Salaam office and in our regional offices (Arusha, Tanga and Dodoma). Details of Legal aid clinics are under the 'legal aid' tab on our website.

Who qualifies to be a member of TAWLA?

Any woman lawyer who is a citizen Tanzania or is ordinarily resident in Tanzania shall be eligible to become an ordinary member.