We are TAWLA

Mission and Vision

TAWLA Mission statement.

To collaborate with relevant stakeholders in creating a conducive legal and policy environment, providing diverse platforms on sectoral reform and access to justice through legal aid services, advocacy, awareness raising, strategic litigation, research and publications on issues affecting Women and Children.

TAWLA Vision statement.

To have a society that respects, upholds the rights, enhances the responsibility, and empowers Women.



Professionalism: By ensuring TAWLA services are delivered with high level of standards and best practices.

Transparency and Accountability: By sharing regular reports and/or filing returns on time for the Board Members, Local Community and Development Partners, Local Government Authorities, Registrar of Legal Aid Providers and Registrar of NGOs.

Integrity and Confidentiality: By appreciating the trust and privacy of individuals and organizations that seek our services.

Respect and Tolerance: By patiently listening to and providing the right advice in total reverence for the person(s) affected by any situation.

Women-centered: By giving maximum attention to any gender by providing a high priority to Women and Children related cases.

Diversity and Inclusiveness: By being inclusive as possible to accommodate the differences of people, e.g., ethnicity, culture, religion, etc.

Spirit of Volunteerism: By provision of free legal aid services and any additional support needed as a result of the actual needs of the issue at hand.